LiP. Studio®️
Use Color to Express Emotions
You are the walking scenery
You are the running art LiP. swears by color Create your own style Choose art to accompany you as a lifestyle Your LiP. origins from painting Your LiP. tells stories

LiP. Studio®️ was founded in London, UK by Li Peng, a Chinese artist living in London. LiP. is the abbreviation of her name Li Peng.

Li Peng graduated from MA Fine Art: painting from Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London. She applies her paintings as elements in the design, adhering to the concept of letting art accompany life, she makes the collection of artworks become your daily personal and wearable companion.
We hope that every moment you see LiP. you will feel joy and peace, thinking that art is owned by you, it is waiting for you here, whenever you want, whatever you need.
LiP. wants to say that you can always rely on the company of art, maybe turn on the music, pick up the paintbrush, maybe take a photo, make a DIY handicraft, start to dance, watch a film, travel into your own pleasant dreamland.