Artist Introduction

Li Peng ( Family name Li ) graduated from Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London, with a master's degree in MA Fine Art: Painting. She is the founder of Roc Sun Art Space and the art and fashion brand 丽谱®, as well as LiP. Studio®. She lives and works in London.

Li Peng's paintings is characterized by her energetic color applications. She uses color to express her feelings. In particular, her music-themed paintings created with synaesthesia enable music to be recorded and described in a visual presentation that combines color and shape.

Li Peng used to be the China Chief Operating Officer of the real estate project of the global 500 Strabag Group. As a director and project coordinator, she directed the piano stage drama "New Moon Rise" staged in theaters such as the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall, she also participated in the creation of the piano dance drama "The Other Shore", which was staged in Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall.

Peng usually prepares sketches using Procreate. She tends to finalize the work on Procreate first and then recreate it on Canvas. Her special painting process allows her to have two same-themed paintings. She explores how two different mediums can describe the same composition differently. Some of her works are produced in collaboration between the two mediums through digital printing.

Peng studied piano since she was young, which influenced her paintings to combine many musical elements. Music pieces contain elements of rhythms, pitches, and tones. Each of them, sometimes combined, can trigger her auditory and visual synesthesia. While she’s listening to music, they show certain colors and shapes in her mind.


Peng creates her artwork by observing her synesthesia experience of transferring sound into visual images. Most of her works are created through a combination of outlining the synesthesia view she could see, with the analysis of the music's composing background and content.

In addition to synesthesia, she also paints with images that the music reminds her of. She tends to connect music with landscape and architecture as they both have rich layers with a depth of view and are well structured. Peng is working on transferring through painting the true reflection of how she feels and experiences music. Music delivers a steady, energetic, and powerful effect. It expresses abundant emotion and records memories of the past. The artist hopes to transfer sound into different visualized forms, to express music from a new perspective, a silent but full of color way.